Manoj M Prabhakaran

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Interests: Cryptography, Coding Theory, Complexity and Algorithms. 35 Olden Street, Princeton, NJ 08544, USA.
Phone: (609)-258-0254
Fax: (609)-258-1771



Some Other Technical Writings

  • Capacitance Estimation (Senior Thesis - 2000 with Prof. Abhiram Ranade)
  • Proving Bounds on Conflict-Change in Configuration Spaces (2000)
  • Visualizing LP Duality (2002)

Academic Honors

  • Invited to the Program Committee of Theory of Cryptography Conference (TCC) 2006 (Invitation accepted).
  • Invitation to STOC'04 Special Issue of the SIAM Journal on Computing, for the research paper "New Notions of Security: Universal Composability without Setups" (joint work with Amit Sahai).
  • Received the 2004-2005 IBM PhD Fellowship.
  • Institute Gold Medalist, IIT Bombay, Class of 2000.
  • Received the Maths Talent Search Scholarship awarded by the National Board of Higher Mathematics (awarded to about 30 students annually).
  • Received the National Talent Search Scholarship, awarded to less than 1000 students annually, all over India.
  • Placed in the top 0.2% of all examinees of JEE 1996, the Joint Entrance Examination for admission to the IITs.
  • Ranked first in the Secondary School Leaving Examination (conducted by the Govt. of Kerala State, India), in 1994. More than half a million students appeared for this examination.
  • Ranked first in the Common Entrance Test, 1996, for admission into Engineering colleges of Kerala State.
  • Completed with distinction the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR, India) Golden Jubilee Fellowship Programme IV, December 1994.

Work Experience

Teaching Experience


Programming Projects

  • Developed a platform for experimenting with different Boosting Algorithms in Machine Learning (C++).
  • Implemented a new algorithm for producing small grammar representations of strings (C++).
  • Various course and lab projects in Databases (Java/JDBC/SQL), Operating Systems (Linux/Unix/DOS), compilers (Optimizing compiler for C-like language), assembly programming, digital circuits (VHDL, as well as hardware implementations), experience in other programming languages including Prolog, LISP and Haskell.

Other Interests