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I have graduated from Princeton. Please visit my new homepage.

I have been sponsoring Manoshika for a couple of years now, through Plan (Childreach). That explains the Plan logo in the front page. I had the opportunity to redesign the website of Asha Princeton, and till recently I used to maintain it. I am also involved with the Association of South Asians at Princeton and AID Princeton. And that should explain the other logos.

I have collected a few links around Kerala, which is where I belong to. If you are interested in Kerala, you may find these links interesting. I have also set up a feed aggregator for blogs from the Kerala Blogroll that I maintain.

Like almost everyone else, sometimes I try to write poems. (When I was a kid, I was trying things even more ambitious.)

And some notes I write home.

The image on the left is supposed to reflect a lighted Nilavilakku-- a traditional lamp of Kerala. A more realistic photo (unlighted) is here

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